Mockingbird Bistro Wine Bar Houston, TX

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Mockingbird Bistro Wine Bar is an American restaurant and bar located in Houston, Texas.

Exquire Magazine on Mockingbird: It is “one of the best new restaurants in America.

Update: the restaurant is closed.

Below there is information about Mockingbird restaurant in Houston, including their menus, hours of operation, a map to get directions and phone number for reservations.

  • Address:1985 Welch St, Houston, TX 77019, USA.
  • Phone:+1 713-533-0200
  • Cuisine:American cuisine
  • Prices:$12
  • Rating:4.2 / 5

Opening hours

  • Sunday:17:30-22:00
  • Monday:17:30-22:00
  • Tuesday:17:30-22:00
  • Wednesday:17:30-22:00
  • Thursday:17:30-22:00
  • Friday:17:30-22:00
  • Saturday:17:30-22:00

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