Elite Traveler TV: Best restaurants in Prague

Elite Traveler TV - Best restaurants in Prague

Watch this video by “Elite Traveler” to learn about the best restaurants in Prague.


Andy Hayler (food critic): “Prague is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, very very popular destination with tourists. it’s a lovely place to spend a few days.

If you go back 10 or so years when I first went to Prague it was quite hard to find good restaurants, but now a few years past by and there are a few good restaurants there. I am going to suggest 3 to you.

1. Alcrom. It has very beautiful dinning room with mirrors, the food in quite precise, wonderful restaurant.

2. La Degustation. Some of the recipies there are pretty exotic. the cooking is very modern, good chefs, it works very well.

3. La Finestra. Very simple Italian restaurant. Absolutely stunning quality. Excellent food, top quality Italian ingredients and extraordinary wine. I was very impressed from it.

This days in Prague you can actually eat quite well and the food is starting to match the beauty of the city as well.”

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