Buck Redbuck: Good Places to Eat in Seattle

Buck Redbuck - Good Places to Eat in Seattle

This video is about good places to eat in Seattle, made by Buck Redbuck, watch it below to see where to eat when you’re traveling around Seattle.


List of good restaurants in Seattle

1) Mee Sum Pastry (Pike Place Market). Food: Red bean sesame ball. Cost: $1.60. “When ever we are in Pike Place market we always get Red bean sesame balls”.

2) Glo’s (1621 East Olive Way). An original coffee shop. The pancakes with maple are so good!

3) Coastal Kitchen (429 15th Ave E). Delicious hot dishes with eggs. Be careful not to burn your mouth.

4) Pie Bar (1361 E Olive Way). Tasty cream pie for dessert and hot drinks. MMMM…. so good!

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