American students answers to “Where to eat around campus?”

where do you like to eat around the campus

Student production as been published a new video recently, they asked 3 students where they like to eat around the campus, in the video below you can check out their answers.

1) La Casita’s Grill New Jersey

Casitas Grill Mexican Seafood restaurant near campus New Jersey

Lexy from New Jersey: “My favorite place to eat around campus is La Casita’s Grill, a Mexican & Seafood. (Tel: 619-583-9011). Reccomended dish:  “Breakfast Burrito”.

2) 4.0 Deli, Sandwiches & Beer Santa Barbara, California

4.0 Deli restaurant Santa Barbara California Near campus

Jack from Santa barbara, California: My favorite restaurant around the campus is 4.0 Deli, Sandwiches & Beer. Reccomended dish:  “Off The Wall”. View image

3) Doner Kebab

Doner Kebab California restaurant near the campus

Josie from pamp suisse California: My favorite place to eat around the campus is a Kebab restaurant. My Reccomended dish: Doner Kebob.

You can listen until the end of the video for more recommendations about good restaurants near campuses.

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